If you’ve ever wanted to feel stronger, more focused, more on path and on fire….and with the highest vibration possible, then do we have the vibration raising show for you!

Today we’ll talk about charging your soul, plugging back in, raising your consciousness to an entirely new level, and how to juggle “real world” priorities, and presence, on a daily basis.

That plus conscious parenting, raising the frequency of your kids, unborn kids, family members, and those around you!!!

Listen to the podcast below!

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Key Topics:

  • What’s making Jessica on fire?
  • What’s her current mission?
  • Why Jessica is getting up at 3AM on a regular basis
  • What Jessica has been waiting for since 2013
  • What Michael told Jessica just moments before his near fatal accident in 2013
  • Why it’s finally “go-time” for Jessica and why she needs to stop hiding backstage
  • What is Jessica on a mission to do and share with people
  • How Jessica plans on raising the consciousness of the next generation
  • What are spirit babies
  • How during pregnancy, a mother’s body is the baby’s “outer body”
  • Why it’s important to realize a baby experiences all of its mother’s thoughts and emotions and records everything
  • How subconscious programming begins in the womb
  • If you have a difficult child, it might not be your fault
  • What’s even better than a gratitude journal
  • How to call in more miracles
  • What miracle Jessica manifested while standing at the edge of the beach
  • Why sometimes doing meditations is still too much doing and not enough being
  • What kind of imprint forceps made on Michael when he was born (not just the imprint on his head)
  • Why Michael takes so long getting out of the house and making transitions from one activity to the next
  • Why Jessica is matching the furniture and décor with Michael’s yellow glasses
  • Why Jessica spoon feeds her kitty Lumi and what it has to do with you!

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