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Discover the Secret to Greater Happiness & Joy with Spiritual Leader Dr. Roger Teel. Learn how to get in alignment, find purpose, tap into bliss, overcome fear & live your greatest life!

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Bonus: Guided Meditation with Dr. Roger Teel (8 min)


Discover Greater Happiness and Joy Now with Dr. Roger Teel, a spiritual leader who’s served on a board with the Dalai Lama. Learn how to get in alignment, find your purpose, tap into the bliss, leave your worries behind, and live your greatest life!

Whether you’re looking for greater happiness, inner peace, or to simply unshackle from the stress and anxiety of your life and to shine bright, then this is the interview for you!

Dr. Roger Teel, author of This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily helps you discover the secret to plugging in to inner happiness on a moments notice helping you rewire the mind, for a more joyous, richer experience.

If you’re looking for a handbook on happiness, or how to find peace, and live more fully in each and every moment, then this is the interview for you!


Key Topics:

  • how to identify and move past limiting beliefs
  • what’s really holding you back, from happiness, and from success in your life
  • how to surrender to the moment, be happy in any experience, and get more of a “big picture” view, where everything does happen for a reason
  • negative self-talk, screwing up, and how there’s really no such thing!
  • importance of taking risks to truly live, and stepping outside our comfort zones
  • how fear is a friend, and how miracles truly happen, if we put ourselves on our path
  • how to discover our path and get into alignment with our highest purpose
  • self-love, opening your heart, living more heart-centered, and living from a place of joy


More on Dr. Roger Teel

Dr. Roger W. Teel is a life transforming speaker and a global spiritual leader. Through storytelling, humor and practical spirituality, Dr. Teel’s transforming messages, as well as in workshops, classes, business and national conferences, help empower people and lead them to their limitless potential to live dynamically.

Dr. Teel holds a degree in psychology and religion, a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Religious Science degree. He has served pulpits in Oregon, California and in 1993 returned to his home church, Mile Hi Church where he serves as Senior Minister and Spiritual Di-rector to over 10,000 members and friends.

As a global leader, Dr. Teel has served as Chairman of the International Board of Trustees for Centers for Spiritual Living, and is Co-founder of the Association for Global New Thought. In 1999, 2001 and 2004, Dr. Teel assisted in facilitating the Synthesis Dialogues with acclaimed global leaders including His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. He has served on the boards of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, the Foundation for Affordable Housing, and the Community First Foundation.


Dr. Roger Teel Online: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Mile Hi Church: where Dr. Teel is Senior Minister & Spiritual Director

Associate of Global New Thought (AGNT): co-founded by Dr. Teel


Book by Dr. Roger Teel:

This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily


Other References:

New Thought Movement:  …three major organizations within New Thought movement today are Religious Science, Unity Church and the Church of Divine Science…

Ernest Holmes: …New Thought writer, teacher, and leader. He was the founder of a Spiritual movement known as Religious Science, a part of the greater New Thought movement, whose spiritual philosophy is known as “The Science of Mind.”

The Science of Mind: The Complete Edition by Ernest Holmes


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