Worldwide it’s a time of great uncertainty and fear. It’s a time where we don’t know where to turn, where we’re going, or even how to get there. Of course, what we really want is peace.

In this special YouTube show, you’ll learn how to call in your angels in times of greatest uncertainty for guidance, direction, but most of all to sync with their energy, know you’re not alone, and feel you have a friend by your side as you step forward into the abyss.

With your Angels by your side, you’ll feel safety and security, even in the unknowns or turmoil that appears to be all around.

Be prepared to feel safer, more secure, and more certain about everything, even in these times of great uncertainty – hand in hand, arm in arm, and almost wing in wing with your angels.



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Key Topics:

  • 00:00 YOUR ANGELS Want To Hold YOUR HAND!
  • 01:28 My dreams about Ukraine
  • 02:35 Let’s connect to the angels
  • 05:14 Shifting your energy into a power state
  • 09:03 The healing process in the works worldwide
  • 11:48 We are ONE and very interconnected
  • 16:09 Illuminate the world with your love and light
  • 21:30 A global wakeup call for all of us
  • 30:19 Call in your angels and guides
  • 37:52 Embrace your energetically sensitive self
  • 44:45 Why you must control your inner violence
  • 49:03 A supernatural bright light protecting the innocent
  • 55:13 Healing yourself by healing others
  • 1:02:20 Sending love to all no matter what
  • 1:12:26 The energy of the collective pouring over all of us
  • 1:17:08 Daily practices to comfort yourself
  • 1:18:49 Is ascension dying?
  • 1:19:33 Emotional freedom technique
  • 1:22:34 Guided love and light meditation

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