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Pam Grout – Attract Abundance Happiness & Riches Thru Gratitude!

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If you’ve ever wanted more abundance, love, and happiness in your life, then do we have the Thank & Grow Rich Show for You!

Today I’ll be talking with Pam Grout, repeat guest, zombie movie extra, writer extraordinaire, and author of my favorite book I’m placing by my bed, Thank & Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about finding shameless gratitude, and unabashed joy.

That plus we’ll talk about Kevin Costner and Rumplestilskin, Santa rules and Santa hats, Mattel thing makers and creepy crawlers, AA 2.0, eating worm cuisine, walking a bassador, and what in the world Mrs. Trunchbull, has to do with anything.

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Pam Grout is a hopeless romantic who still believes the world is a beautiful place, that people are noble and that anything is possible.

For a living (and she always wonders why people think that’s such an important question), she writes books and articles for such magazines as People, Cooking Light and Travel & Leisure. She also enjoys writing bedtime stories for her daughter, but that’s more about making a life than a living. She’s keenly aware there’s a huge difference.

In making a life, she has traveled to all the world’s continents, learned 59 ways to make a fort out of sofa cushions, perfected a mean tennis forehand and volunteered at a women’s prison and free health clinic.

She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her daughter, Tasman. Check out her sometimes updated website at


Pam Grout Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog


Key Topics:

  • What happened with Buddy Biancalana
  • What happened with E-squared and how did her 16th book take off.
  • How she got a NY Times #1 best-seller
  • What do you tell people who want to eat worms
  • What God didn’t have bad hair days has to do with anything
  • What is ferocious gratitude?
  • How did she crank up the energy after a book flopped?
  • Why the possibilities possee is so important
  • What’s the most dangerous 4 letter word in the English language?
  • What’s AA 2.0 – the 30 day experiment she recommends everyone does?
  • Why something amazingly awesome is going to happen to you today.
  • Why you see more stuff when you’re happy
  • What is sloppy judgment?
  • What can we learn from Mrs. Trunchbull?
  • How do we move past the mad and angry inner critic?
  • How meditation can help with the inner critic
  • Why it’s so important to choose the thought that’s gonna make you happy
  • What is FP
  • What are different kinds of capital and which are most important?
  • What are some of the cultural paradigms that are hard to see – and so important to notice
  • What is Santa Con?
  • What is creative capital?
  • Why it’s so important to follow your dreams and do what you love to do
  • Why our thoughts are our prayers
  • How does gratitude and prayer work together?
  • Why we’re all manifestors
  • What we can learn from Amy Cuddy and Wonder Woman poses (and grinning like a lunatic)
  • What we can learn from Marie Kondo (the life-changing magic of tidying up) and why we should thank our possessions
  • What’s the Jimmy Fallon game?
  • What’s a gratitude jar?
  • What does it mean to spread contagious laughter? (Norman Cousins)
  • Parenting tips and lessons of gratitude for our kids

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