Thank you for booking an interview slot and joining me on air on The Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler.*

This is a pre-recorded radio show and podcast using Skype (with video). It will be posted in iTunes, iHeartRadio, YouTube and on our website.

Here’s a Checklist of what we need:


Please send a contact request to SKYPE ID: “InspireNationShow”. As soon as we see it, we will accept your request. (We may beat you to the punch and send you a contact request first. If so, please accept.)


  • Please provide us with a brief bio (50-75 words), and social media urls so we can properly tag you when we post to our social media channels.
  • A hi-res jpeg headshot photo, preferably horizontal.
  • Email us all promotional materials (Michael at InspireNationShow dot com) along with URL’s that may help us to know you better.
  • If you have specific points you want to make, please send us the top 5 points.
  • If you have written a book, please send a copy to: Inspire Nation Show, c/o Jessica Lee, 12 Quail Run, Florham Park, NJ 07932


In order to reach the greatest audience with your message (and to boost search rankings for your own website), it's imperative that we work as a team. So, once your show goes live, we ask for a commitment on your part to post links on your website, social media, newsletter and even your Mom's Facebook wall. Of course, we'll be diligently doing the same on our end. THANK YOU!


  • Secure a quiet setting for recording audio & video. Please use a headset with an attached microphone. We recommend the Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 or similar. Cost appx: $30
  • An HD Camera provides fantastic resolution, but is not necessary. If you want to make the investment, we recommend the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.
  • Adjust your camera and your chair (if seated) so that your entire head and chest are visible and centered in your camera. Go to Skype > Preferences > Audio / Video to preview your camera feed.
  • Adjust your background to your liking. (Oftentimes, picture frames on walls are crooked and need leveling.)

Below is more info about the show & our next steps together:

  1. ) 7 DAYS, 24 HOURS, and 1 HOUR BEFORE SHOW RECORDING: You will receive automatic email reminders that we have an interview coming up.PLEASE USE THIS TIME TO TEST YOUR SKYPE CONNECTION AND YOUR AUDIO & VIDEO EQUIPMENT.  Specifically please be ready to use a headset with mic or, at minimum, earbuds with mic attached. Good sound quality is extremely important.
  1. ) 10 MINUTES BEFORE SHOW RECORDING: I will personally reach out via Skype or email to give you a 5 minutes heads-up.
  1. ) 5 MINUTES BEFORE SHOW RECORDING: I will call you 5 minutes before the show to check video and sound and answer any last minute questions. We aim to start recording on the hour.
  • Cancellation: Please give us at least 1-2 weeks notice if you need to cancel.
  • Emergency: If you have an unexpected technical glitch during the show or for some reason will not be calling on time, then please call us immediately at 720-249-3110. If you get voicemail, please leave a message with the best number to reach you at. I will try to reconnect with you.
  1. ) DURING THE SHOW:  My approach is to make things simple and to break down terminology that can sometimes affect overall comprehension. If not, listeners may become overwhelmed. If I sense you may have lost the audience, I may jump in. This is sometimes challenging for folks who do a lot of presentations. The listeners prefer a back and forth exchange, so if you are unintentionally having a monologue, I may jump in to provide a different tone to make it more interesting for the ear. I’ll do my best to make the transitions smooth.The body of the interview is 45 to 50 minutes. If you teach meditation, we will reserve 10 minutes after the body of the interview for you to share a guided meditation for our audience. Note: The guided meditation may air at a separate time.
  1. ) THE DAY THE SHOW GOES LIVE: I will send you links to your Inspire Nation webpage and for the show on iTunes for you to share with social media. The webpage we build for you will include a “meme” (image with your headshot) a bio, links to your website(s) and social media channels. There will also be a brief show introduction, key topics and links to your books if you are an author.  The podcast audio player will be posted first, followed by the YouTube video in the following weeks. Once the YouTube video is edited, you will receive a link for the video as well.