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we are postponing the next class until further notice (sometime after the dust settles).
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Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.24.36 AMDear Shiny Beacon of Light!

Welcome to our first ever I Shine Bright Group Coaching–Woo Hoo! This program will change your life!

Jessica and I created this program to help you get in alignment with your purpose, path, and direction in life.

Our 11-week program will give you direction, feedback, encouragement, and the tools you need to shift your life toward your dreams. And you’ll come up with a plan, to get you where you want to go!

You’ll  become more present and aware, creating more positive experiences, greater inner-peace, and surprising productivity too.

You’ll discover your limiting beliefs and what’s been keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

And then you’ll learn how to write a new script, and rise above your challenges.

Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Quieter, More Focused Mind – Through meditations & powerful mindfulness techniques, you’ll learn how to be calmer, more aware, and more in tune with everything in and outside of yourself.

2. You’ll Tune-In to Your Inner GPS – If you’re like me, you want to know whether you’re on track in life. You’ll learn how to tap into your intuition for greater guidance and direction in a moment’s notice.

3. You’ll Gain Greater Health & Sleep Better Too! – Whether you’re looking for spiritual growth or personal development, greater health is  essential. When you feel great in your body, you have more confidence, energy, and focus…in essence, you’ll be able to get more done, with less fatigue or brain fog!

4. Find more peace and happiness – We often feel off-track, or off-purpose, and that sinking feeling gnaws at our guts. By helping you discover your purpose and direction, plus plugging back into your higher self, you’ll feel more on track, on path, and at peace, with exactly where you are. AND, you’ll get the direction, confidence, and motivation, to take powerful steps into your future!

5. 11 Live Classes – Week by week, we’ll grow together as a group, teaching you new tools and techniques to live the life of your dreams. You’ll be able to ask questions, directly interact with Jessica and myself, plus get guidance, and see your blind spots!

6.  3 Private Coaching Sessions – You won’t be going it alone. Instead you’ll be checking in with me, personally, with three private one-on-one coaching sessions, to help strategize, come up with a plan, and discover what works best for you on your journey. I’ll be with you there, each step of the way!

The tools we share in I Shine Bright, are the most powerful we know to help you change your life, and find the purpose, path and direction in life you’ve been looking for.

Change isn’t easy. But the alternative, watching another year go by, is perhaps even more difficult.

We can help you change. We can help you achieve your dreams. And we would be honored to be your personal coaches on this journey. Together we can help you live your greatest life!!!

And that’s a giant Woo Hoo!!!

Michael Sandler (and Jessica)

P.S. We’ll be referring to different shows throughout, to help you get the best guidance from the best experts in the world. So you’ll each get The Complete Inspire Nation Show Collection on USB so you can refer to the shows quickly and easily.

P.P.S. And last, you can try I Shine Bright completely risk free, with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Start with 3 Easy Steps to Secure Your Spot!

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What Do You Get?

One call for each of the 11 steps in our “I Shine Bright” formula. Class sizes will be limited to 20 participants, so you’ll have easy access to me to get your personal questions answered.

Join a community of supportive, like-minded people who will help you stay on track by encouraging you with positive feedback, while keeping you accountable.

You’ll be getting access to tools that Jessica and I’ve personally used in our lives but never shared publicly until now.

To keep you on track so you put new habits in place while re-wiring your brain for success.

I’ve got your back. If you have any questions or concerns during the week, from clarification on exercises to how to handle a specific life situation, I’m here for you!*

Once available.

Please see below.

I Shine Bright Coaching Schedule!

The following dates are tentative.

Calls will be held on Tuesdays at 5 PM PT; 6 PM MT; 7 PM CT; 8 PM ET:

I: Initiate ~ March 21st FREE CLASS! (Click here to register)

S: Spirituality ~ TBD
H: Health ~ TBD
I: Inspiration ~ TBD
N: Nature Time ~ TBD
E: Elevate Your Energy ~ TBD

B: Begin Early ~ TBD
R: Read & Rewire ~ TBD
I: Intention Setting ~ TBD
G: Gratitude ~ TBD
H: Help ~ TBD
T: Trust ~ TBD

Michael reserves the right to make small changes to call dates, with prior notice, should unexpected emergencies arise.

11 Weeks of Goodies*

Below is a sampling of topics that will be covered in the first 5 weeks of the program.

WEEK 1 ~ Spirituality: How to let your spirit shine through!

While many personal development programs sneak spirituality in the back door, or neglect to address the topic altogether, we put it right up front and central. Why? Because tapping into God, Source, Spirit or Guidance, helps us remember who we are, why we’re here, and gives us the strength and confidence to move forward.

  • Learn how to tap into the core or essence of your being.
  • Discover what it means to listen to your higher self, to get divine guidance, and to tap into something bigger than yourself.
  • Learn how to lead with your heart, and to gain love and support each step of the way.
  • Learn simple, yet powerful ways to meditate, quiet the mind, and get in touch with your being-ness.

WEEK 2 ~ Health: How to take command of your body & your physical well-being!

It’s often said we trade our health for wealth in our early years, then spend the rest of our life and our wealth in an effort to regain our health. Your body is your vessel, your vehicle, and your everything for this lifetime. Treat it well and you’ll have greater energy, wealth, happiness, connection to Source, and so much more.

  • Learn how to take better care of your vehicle.
  • Discover easy ways to get in better shape.
  • Learn how to tap into the inner wisdom of your body
  • Learn how to lose weight, keep it off, get better posture, and take your fitness to a whole new level.
  • Learn how to calm the body to quiet the mind.

WEEK 3 ~ Inspiration: How to tap into inspiration & live a passion-driven life!

We all want to be inspired, to be doing what we love, following our bliss and living an on-fire life. We’ll look at how to connect with your soul, discover what makes your heart shine, and bring out the creative gifts each and every one of us came here with.

  • Discover how to be inspired, in awe of the world
  • Discover you passion and crank your inner flame to the max.
  • Learn how to get divine guidance at any time, and to connect to your higher self on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Learn how to tap into your creative self and bring forth your gifts to the world.

WEEK 4 ~ Nature: How to harness the power of Nature to feel connected, grounded & joyful!

Nature is essential for quieting the mind, keeping our stress levels down, patience up, and tapping into our higher self. It is critical for our thinking, our heart space, keeping the blood moving, giving us perspective, for re-connecting us with the natural world, and with who we truly are.

  • Learn simple ways to incorporate more nature time into your daily and weekly routine
  • Learn exercises you can do in nature to enhance the experience, and bring home more benefits
  • Rediscover the child-like joy, awe, and happiness, that comes from reconnecting with the natural world

WEEK 5 ~ Energy: How to Elevate Your Energy & Vibrate at a New Level

We all want and often need more energy! We’ll help you tap into an almost limitless source of energy to help you at work, at home and even at play! We’ll help you raise your vibrations, attractive positive people and experiences into your life, and make you the life of the party—well, maybe!

  • Learn meditations on moving energy to charge you to the max
  • Learn how to bring more fun into your life, for greater child-like joy, and the limitless energy you had as a child
  • Raise your vibrations to make you an attractor magnet for positive experiences.
  • Help you to be happier, crank your inner flame to the max, and send out the love!



(Value: $595)

i-shine-bright-private one-on-one coaching with michael sandler

These are private coaching sessions for you to review your progress with Michael. It’s a great opportunity to ask personal questions and to ensure you get the one-on-one attention you need to stay on track and succeed.
Each participant is entitled to one 30-minute session per month for 3 months. Michael’s regular price for 50-minute coaching sessions is $395.


(Value: $297)

The Complete Inspire Nation Collection: 400+ Shows and 100 Bonus Guided Meditations on a 32 GB USB Drive (color and style may vary)

Get all 400+ Inspire Nation episodes from the very beginning of the show until now. Plus 100 Bonus Guided Meditations. Completely keyword searchable so you can find the exact topic or guest you want to listen to at your fingertips. Save time and internet data. Comes on a fast 32 GB USB Drive with extra room to store your other personal files or photos.




For you, you shiny beacon of light, we’re extending our flash-sale pricing, chopping an extra 200 dollars off of our already discounted program. This makes it less than 300 dollars a month to change your life forever! WooHoo!!!

I Shine Bright Group Coaching Program
…Offer Summary

Here’s everything you get in the coaching program:

  • 11 LIVE High-Energy Weekly Online Calls and Q&A’s with Michael Sander – $995 Value

  • Small intimate class setting limited to 20 INSPIRED creators

  • “I Shine Bright” Tools designed to help you find your purpose, path & direction

  • Weekly Homework Assignments

  • Access to Private Facebook Group and Community

  • Email Support

  • Free early kindle copy of “I Shine Bright” book (once available)

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: (3)  30-Minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Michael – $595 Value

  • SPECIAL BONUS #2: Inspire Nation USB Collection with 400+ Shows & 100 Guided Meditations – $297 Value

  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: Extra Discount off sign-up – $200 Value

Total Program Value: $1887

Special Program Offer:
1 Payment of $795


3 Monthly Payments of $287

My Personal 100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that the “I Shine Bright” group coaching program and community will be such a valuable learning resource I’m offering an unconditional 30-day guarantee so you can join with absolutely no risk.

I Shine Bright Guarantee

Enroll in “I Shine Bright” Group Coaching Today!

This intimate & transformational group coaching opportunity will be limited to 20 INSPIRED members, and registration closes Thursday, January 26th at 12PM EST.


I Shine Bright Group Coaching – One Time Payment

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I Shine Bright Group Coaching – Payment Plan

Make 3 payments of $287/month over 3 months


Can I Shine Bright Coaching really help?

I have calmed my mind through meditation and nasal breathing. Like most people, my life can be stressful and being able to manage that stress is so important, so I can finally put my energy into creating the life that I truly want.
David Doherty
It was life changing and life saving. Whenever life is very demanding, I return to the teachings and use it as an anchor.

Everyone gets trapped down in nagging thoughts. And now there is a way out. The so called “vicious cycle” changes into a “promising and hopeful cycle”. I also found that my attitudes towards people have changed. I am being more positive and understanding. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christiane Potschaske
Hi Michael, I’d like to thank you for the help and insight you gave me as my life coach. I feel like I have a new beginning in life and as a person. I’ve been following your advice of writing in a journal and meditating every morning. I’ve also been enjoying creative hobbies and exercising daily. It was great working with you and I appreciate your honesty and upbeat can-do attitude! I’ll be in touch in 2017 and keep you updated!
Christina T.
Michael was able to take a look at my life and it’s challenges and provide clarity. He helped me to overcome my obstacles and to clear a path to move forward.
Corey P.