If you’ve ever wanted to face fear or overcome fear in your life as especially during this Coronavirus “interesting” time, then do we have the facing fear show for you today!

I’ll be talking with award-winning Australian filmmaker, documentarian and author Bill Bennett, the producer of an all time favorite documentary, PGS, Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System and the producer of an upcoming film I’m sure to be a mega hit, documentary Facing Fear.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about facing fear, the five F’s of fear and how in the world to liberate ourselves from fear.





In a career spanning more than thirty years, Bill Bennett has made numerous feature films and documentaries and won many awards, both in his home country of Australia and internationally. He’s won Australia’s equivalent of the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director and has been nominated a further twelve times. Twice he’s won Australia’s equivalent of the Emmy for Most Outstanding Documentary. His films have been distributed through several Hollywood studios and have screened at some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. He’s been in Official Selection at the New York Film Festival and had two films in Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival. He’s won the Crystal Globe for Best Picture at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and had three major international retrospectives, including the Chicago Museum of Art’s Film Centre.


Bill Bennett Online: Website

Key Points Discussed

  • Where are you in the world and how are you dealing with this interesting time? (02:48)
  • Breaking down fear: True fear and imaginary fear (04:17)
  • Fear is a defense mechanism that alerts you that something needs to be fixed (07:32)
  • Our natural reaction is to run and suppress fear but even in doing so it never goes away and it’s power only grows (08:23)
  • Focusing on your fear and befriending it helps it go away (10:26)
  • Being truthful about fear, Personalizing it and using that as an opportunity to understand fear on a deeper level (15:38)
  • The connection between science, spirituality, and intuition during this trying time (23:59)
  • How to look at this period as something we can all learn from (27:46)
  • The coronavirus is here to help us find balance and growth (29:08)
  • The importance of love and connection with other people (31:22)
  • Moving in the area of judgment lowers our vibrations making us more vulnerable (33:36)
  • Do we have the intelligence to be able to assess what the risk is and then deal with it on a mature level? (36:57)
  • Dealing with the physicality of fear (39:44)
  • How to handle fear (44:05)
  • Dissecting the five Fs of fear (46:44)
  • Getting rid of imaginary fear (51:54)
  • Having coherent information that is not based on fear helps in making plans accordingly. (54:32)
  • Fighting the fear of the unknown (59:56)
  • A lot of fear is commonly based on a low self-esteem (01:03:56)
  • Being an ambassador of love and the benefits that come of it (01:08:48)
  • Where to find out more about Bill Bennett’s materials; facing fears. (01:11:29)
  • Rational thinking and intuitive thinking can work in coherence (01:15:49)
  • Understanding what is spiritual practice (01:17:56)

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