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Show Stats

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We’re less than 2 years old and we’ve already had over 3.3 MILLION podcast downloads, plus over 1.6 MILLION YouTube views! And we’re helping people shine bright in 205 countries!

On Oct 31st 2015, We hit #10 on Podcast Charts ALL Self-Help Worldwide


On Nov 4th, 2015, We hit #1 on iTunes New & Noteworthy ALL Religion & Spirituality

On Nov 14th, We hit #1 on iTunes New & Noteworthy Spirituality

#7 on iTunes New & Noteworthy Careers

#10 on iTunes New & Noteworthy Self-Help

More info on the show:

  • Appx 80K listeners worldwide
  • YouTube Demographics: 40% Male / 60% Female

  • Show format: 1 hour show, 5 days a week

  • Stations/Channels: iHeart Radio, iTunes, & YouTube

  • For Android Phones: Google Play Music

  • After 1 year, over 3.3 MILLION podcast downloads & counting!

We are currently considering guests in the following 4 categories:

  • Guests who INSPIRE: Guests who fit the arc of the hero’s journey, having overcome incredible hardship and who INSPIRE others through their journey or lessons learned!
  • ALTERNATIVE HEALTH and healing experts: Paradigm busters who empower listeners to work with their bodies to regain total health and who believe in preventive medicine! These experts don’t just treat the symptoms but go after the cause—body, mind or soul.
  • Leaders in MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, or SPIRITUALITY, who can offer guidance and lead our audience in short guided meditations. Yes, this includes YOGA experts too!
  • Guests who are MOTIVATIONAL: Authors and speakers who light a FIRE underneath people and have actionable steps to help get them going!