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Dr. Bradley Nelson On How to Release Trapped Emotions that Create Pain & Sabotage Our Lives!

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If you’ve ever had emotional responses that were holding you back or causing you pain, or felt your subconscious was trip-wired against you, then do we have The Emotion Code show for you.

Today I’m talking with Dr. Bradley Nelson, holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, and the creator of a phenomenal energy healing system. He’s also the author of one of the most important books we’ve found in our lives, The Emotion Code.

And that’s what I want to talk with him about today, how to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love and happiness.

That plus we’ll talk about Ranger the horse, Twiggs and dognapping, Boofy the paranoid cat, heart walls, quilts, flowers and diamonds, whats the real purpose of your refrigerator magnets, and why if you’re touching an electric fence, you want to grab a friend.

So welcome back to the show Dr. Brad, are you ready to shine?

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Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often effect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s own healing power. Learn more at and


Dr. Bradley Nelson Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Emotion Code Website:

Key Topics:

  • What he learned from Dr. Stan Flagg
  • What it means to have a stuck emotion
  • What are shared trapped emotions?
  • What is an inherited trapped emotion?
  • What we can learn from Mark Wolynn and inherited family trauma
  • What science is shown with emotional trauma and multiple generations
  • How emotion code works
  • What is muscle testing
  • What’s the sway test?
  • What’s the easiest way to do muscle testing
  • What is a heart wall?
  • How we can use emotion code and muscle-testing to reprogram the subconscious mind for abundance – he has a program for abundance
  • What is acting by proxy and how can we use it to help others, especially our loved ones
  • Go to – get pdf for free or audiobook free
  • How this can help your ancestors who have passed on
  • How Dr. Brad discovered the emotion code works for animals too
  • What we can learn from a bully chicken
  • What you can do from bullying chicken –
  • What’s the danger and problem of emotional baggage
  • How Emotion Code can help with conception
  • How trapped emotions, even inherited trapped emotions can prevent pregnancy
  • How you can do emotion code in-vitro
  • How you can even test for the sex of the baby, after the first trimester

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