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INSPIRE #508: HOW TO AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE! (Preston Smiles, “Love Louder”)

INSPIRE #507: DISCOVER YOUR SECRET POWERS! + Guided Meditation (Sergio Magana, “Caves Of Power”)

INSPIRE #506: HOW SPIRITUALITY CHANGES THE BRAIN!!! (Dr. Andrew Newberg, “How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain”)

INSPIRE #504: THE POWER OF LETTING GO! (CJ Liu & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #503: HOW TO STEP INTO GREATNESS! + Guided Meditation (Dr. Pedram Shojai, “The Urban Monk”)

INSPIRE #502: WHAT MAKES US STRONGER!!! (Scott Carney, “What Doesn’t Kill Us”)

INSPIRE #501: HOW TO MANIFEST MIRACLES! + Guided Meditation! (Dr. Joe Vitale, “The Miracle”)

INSPIRE #496: THE POWER OF MANTRAS! + Guided Meditation (Sherianna Boyle, “Mantras Made Easy”)

INSPIRE #495: HOW TO RISE ABOVE THE PACK & CHASE YOUR DREAMS! (Brian Brikowski, Former Cleveland Gladiator)

INSPIRE #494: THE POWER OF SELF-KINDNESS!!! (Jessica Lee & Michael Sandler)