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INSPIRE #530: HOW TO BLAST PAST LIMITING BELIEFS! (Jessica Lee & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #525: How to Find Happiness through Small Celebrations! (CJ Liu & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #524: HOW TO CREATE THE CHANGE YOU WANT! (Dave Gray, “Liminal Thinking”)

INSPIRE #520: HOW TO BUILD A COUPLE BUBBLE!!! + Guided Meditation! (Dr. Stan Tatkin, “Wired For Love”)

INSPIRE #519: HOW TO FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE!!! + Guided Meditation! (CJ Liu & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #517: HOW TO GET POSITIVE FAST THROUGH HYPNOSIS! + Hypnosis Meditation (Dr. Steve G. Jones, “Achieve a New Positive Attitude”)

INSPIRE #514: DISCOVER WHO YOU TRULY ARE! + Guided Meditation (Cate Montana, “The E Word”)

INSPIRE #511: HOW TO STAY CALM! (CJ Liu & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #504: THE POWER OF LETTING GO! (CJ Liu & Michael Sandler)

INSPIRE #503: HOW TO STEP INTO GREATNESS! + Guided Meditation (Dr. Pedram Shojai, “The Urban Monk”)